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Get your students to compose background music to a drone flight, a tutorial or other media.

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Responding to music on a challenging topic. Here are some ideas and thoughts on an MYP 5 unit around Terezin and the "Defiant Requiem".

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Questions are an essential component in teaching Middle School. Here is a visual reminder about the different kinds of questions. 

In my last post, I shared a tutorial for MYP 1 students (grade 6) on pentatonic music. Here are some student examples. 

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A short tutorial about the pentatonic scale, with the ELA learners in the lower middle school in mind. 


Peer feedback is an important learning feature. Sometimes, this can be a challenging endeavor in Middle School. Here is one idea how to make it work. 

Set up your own whiteboard with cans and

My personal summary of teaching music online for four weeks. 

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A big part of the IBMPY is the Personal Project. Check out the  composition of one of my students. 

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Here is my review of the new (and amazing!) MYP music textbook!

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