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Taking the Guesswork Out of MYP Music

After 24 years of teaching MYP music, I am absolutely thrilled that FINALLY an MYP music textbook is available for purchase!

I had the absolute pleasure of following closely the "birth" of this book by proofreading and discussing several aspects with my dear friend and much appreciated colleague Samuel Wright.

Sam is a very experienced and passionate music educator who is very closely involved with IBMYP and IBDP.

The book itself is amazing. It is completely different from any other textbook I have seen in the past decades as it is truly an MYP textbook - Based on concepts, it is contemporary, appealing for young people, international, inclusive and balanced. It fully embraces ALL aspects of MYP and provides all the importance concepts, ideas and contexts that are at the heart of MYP.

Each chapter has a logical and inviting build-up. The MYP concepts are clearly indicated on top, the unit questions are beautifully presented at the beginning of the chapter and are referred to consistently throughout the chapter.

Very useful is also a list of keywords as well as a list of prior knowledge. The links to other subjects are identified ( a HUGE help with creating the interdisciplinary units we all need to create!) and the learner profile is at the heart of each unit.

Each chapter also gives great ideas for the process journal and each activity suggested is linked with the correct criteria. There are plenty of suggestions for formative and summative assessments. This is an incredible help for any novice MYP music teacher but also a source of inspiration for the seasoned veteran. The checklist at the end of each chapter is also a great tool for the students to keep track of their learning

Another fantastic feature is the use of music technology in this book. There are so many suggestions for resources ( of which many are for free!) and gives plenty of ideas how to fully integrate technology in the music class. Begin a truly international book, there are always different platforms presented in case your location does not allow access to one of these. Even the music pieces discussed in the book are to be found on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube.

The book will start shipping middle of November and by January, there will also be a very detailed teacher's guide available. You can purchase the book from Hodder, Amazon or other big suppliers.

In a nutshell why I have already ordered my set of books:

  • All MYP concepts are clearly at the heart of each and every single page.

  • truly international

  • contemporary without neglecting the roots. You will find Guido di Arezzo as well as video game music.

  • balanced: composers are presented from different time periods, geographical areas, gender, and genre

  • a fine balance between theory basics that everybody needs to know and many suggestions on how to differentiate the tasks for our very diverse student body.

  • the musical examples are easily accessible

  • the activities are clearly explained with great student examples for inspiration

  • there are so many ideas how to structure the classes in an interesting and capturing way without major investments needed.

  • gives clear and feasible guidelines for novice teachers and many ideas to develop for the experienced ones.

  • prepares perfectly for the new music DP curriculum.

If you want to learn more about Samuel Wright, have a look at his website

Disclaimer: I do not get paid for this article. I cannot wait for getting hold of the books I bought for my school and start using them in my classes. This is my personal opinion.


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