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Practical musical experiments in performing - thoughts generated from class discussions


Experimenting With Music as a Performer. In this article, I have collected some examples and teaching ideas.

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The Global Jukebox -  an amazing collection of  traditional music from around the world.  

A few ideas about the difference between  the"Experimenting with Music" and "Exploring Music" portfolios. 

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Keeping students focussed and engaged during a bigger project is sometimes helped by creating checklists with the students. 


Presenting as a creator. An activity to encourage students to use stimuli from a global context for their latest composition. 

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The second portfolio, which IBDP Music students will have to complete in 2022 is the experimenting component. 

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One of the new features in the IBDP music curriculum 2022 are the different "contexts" I have created a simple poster to introduce it to my students. 

New Curriuclum.jpg

Have a look at the presentation I made for my parent information evening. Feel free to download it here. Please note: you will have to adjust some of the pages to fit your school!

Some aspects to consider while preparing the Performance Portfolio with your IBDP students (assessment May and November 2021)

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Exposing students to a wide variety of music while keeping them engaged in distance learning -  a look at the use of a music log based on a theme. 


Exploring Music in context -  ideas for using Viennese Schrammelmusik for this assessment component. 

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Here is the Higher Level component assessment overview for the 2022 IBDP exams. 

Exploring Music in Context (1).jpg

Exploring Music is one of the assessments in the 2022 IBDP. Have a look at my visual summary for my students. 

Curriculum at a Glance.png

An overview of the components for my new IBDP music students. 

Presenting Music.jpg

Here is the third portfolio assessment overview for the 2022 IBDP exams. 

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TOK and music -  a few thoughts and sample questions

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Have a look at my sample answer for Section A - Rachmaninoff (current IBDP Music curriculum)

Planning a new curriculum in 2020 -  a slight challenge! Here are my thoughts....

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Female composers in Italy 400 years ago.  A few months ago, I listened to a fascinating feature on Ö1 ...

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Part 2 of Donne barocche! 

Francesca Caccini was an amazing and famous composer....

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