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8 bit video game music examples

In one of my previous post, I shared a tutorial I made for my MYP 1 (grade 6) students. We investigated pentatonic music in different cultures, reviewed music theory (patterns, tones, semitones and transpositions) and sketched our first ideas on the virtual piano. Since we were still in distance learning mode, I asked the students to screencast their work, which would allow me to give them specific feedback.

Previously, we had studied form, ostinatos, layering and timbres in our kitchen ostinato unit. The final project for this rotation ( I see the students for 8 weeks), was to create a piece of music for a video game incorporating the aspects taught in this unit .

I used a hyperlink doc, which led the students step by step through the process. In the document, all tutorials, examples, checklists and screenshots were included in one place for easy access since the majority of the class was still in the distance learning setting. Here is a small screen shot of one of the pages.

I was very pleased with the outcome. The usage of gave all students equal access to being successful as no previous piano skills were needed.

Here are some examples (all posted with permission of the very proud composers!) All three are quite contrasting in structure, timbre and melodic material as they each had a different scenario for their video game in mind.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3


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