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Music From Around the World

In my music classes, I make sure that my students are exposed to a variety of different styles and genres. It is important that they learn about music from around the world as well as from different time periods.

In the past, I had created a google earth path, linked with YouTube videos. Now one of my friends has pointed me to the professional version of this idea - The Global Jukebox.

There is so much to discover on this webpage - it is amazing! Let's have a look at the different options:

The Culture Wheel

In this section, each segment of the circle represents a region. Once this is chosen, it allows you to narrow your search, again indicated by the different segments.

The different colours represent geographical areas.

In this case, I have chosen to look into the music of South America, specifically Columbia. On the righthand side, there are several songs available. Just clicking on one of them will start the audio file.

If I choose one and click on the "i", you can see a plethora of information regarding this song.

Explore the map

This section allows to you select a specific geographical area. Each linked song is marked by a dot. Once you click on it, you can find songs recorded in that region. Such a cool feature when you want to find out the music of a specific area.

Search function

If you are looking for a specific performance feature, the search function comes in handy!

Especially if you are trying to identify common features of different cultures, this next function is so useful. Sometimes, my students get stuck on their experimenting and need more input. Instead of browsing YouTube for hours, these specific searches are real time savers.

There are several other features, such as guided lesson plans and exercises. I also really appreciate that the source of the recordings are reputable collections and all information for proper citation is clearly indicated.

I can only recommend using this page for a variety of tasks. If you teach IBDP music, this site is so helpful when widening the horizon of your students for AoI1 or also the global context.


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