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Peer Feedback in the Lower Middle School

Peer feedback is a powerful tool. However, giving feedback to group performances can be challenging, especially if the class is a bit on the active side.

While I have not yet found the perfect system, this has, for sure, improved the quality of the feedback given.

Set up:

1. I create the document with the guiding questions and rules. The link is shared via my virtual classroom (with editing rights given to the students) and beamed onto the screen.

2. While one group performs, the remaining students write their feedback while they listen to the performance. This has two positive effects: the performers are less nervous, as their peers have their eyes on the screens. The students, giving feedback, have to focus and cannot fiddle with their own instruments waiting their turn.

3. I monitor very closely what students write - reminding individual students to give more detail or to be more constructive in their answers.


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