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Donne Barocche - Part 1

A few months ago, I listened to a fascinating feature on Ö1 called "Donne Barocche". Verena Gruber presented the culmination of her research about the music, the life and the circumstances of outstanding female composers in Italy at the beginning of the baroque era.

I contacted her and immediately she was interested in helping me share her findings with the international community. I obtained permission to translate her research and create a student-friendly presentation about these amazing composers.

The first part presented here, focusses on the general circumstances of female baroque composers in Italy. The influence of the family and the geographic circumstances as well as the importance of the "ospedale" are presented in simple slides. YouTube links are added as well as pictures for illustrations.

These presentations can be used for the current IBDP music curriculum and especially for the new one we will start teaching in August. It could be used in many different ways - from "

If you would like to download the entire slideshow, you can do so HERE


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